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What Clients Are Saying

“I've worked with many event management firms, but never one that delivers the consistent quality that Tokita Bethune delivers.”
jeff picket
NOKIA Mobile Phones, Inc.
“The experience, creativity and attention to detail from TBI were hugely valuable in the successful planning, implementation and management of all of our events. Tokita Bethune is my go-to event team!”
josh waldo
“Tokita Bethune has a deep understanding of marketing and events and are able to take the lead on a project or work with other agencies and teams in various capacities working toward a common goal to suit the needs of the company. Highly recommended!”
geoff walker
Root Sports VP of Marketing
“Tokita Bethune is one of my favorite agencies! Their leadership team is calm in the face of craziness and willing to accommodate any request (even the most ridiculous ones)!”
Brent camalich
“TBI was instrumental in taking NFFTY to the next level a couple of years ago and they have been a valued partner in growing the NFFTY experience ever since!”
jeff harris
“We worked with a # of event companies prior to Tokita Bethune, but they became our preferred vendor after their first engagement with us.”
scott whiteker

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