TokitaBethune Update!

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Kara Tokita
June 18, 2020

n my 30+ years of event work, I never thought I would ever experience what the world is going through right now with the COVID-19 pandemic, let alone how much it's altered all of us in one way or another. Some have transitioned from working in an office to working from home, other are unemployed with businesses being temporarily closed. We're all doing our part trying to make the most of it.

Having been in business for 21+ years, our Event Management and marketing work has always been consistent, and even during some difficult recessions, we’ve had the most lucrative years ever. Having a majority of our events cancelled or postponed, we're making great use of our downtime by trying to rejuvenate our minds and bodies. We’re usually on the go 24/7, so it's been nice to relax and catch our breath for a change. We've been immersing ourselves in the world of “virtual events”, recently helping Microsoft Bing host an executive meeting online - one that was supposed to be an in-person conference. We've also been keeping in touch with all of our clients and letting them know we’re here for them and to see if we can be of any assistance. We've even received calls from a number of new clients, reaching out to discuss future projects.

Also, I recently became a Board Member of the Seattle Sports Commission and am very excited to work with this amazing team, helping to bring world class events to our amazing city. Our entire TokitaBethune staff are huge sports fans, so I can honestly say we're looking forward to being a part of such an incredible organization and helping the community celebrate sports!

We know we'll once again be back to doing what we love and that’s producing and executing exciting and impactful events! We will also be better prepared in helping our clients accomplish their goals whether it be virtually or with in-person events. And although this time may seem a little daunting & bleak, this will only make us stronger in the long run! We look forward to servicing you all once again in the near future!

Everyone please continue to stay healthy & safe!!



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