3 Steps to Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

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Vincent Konkel
June 18, 2020

eing a Microsoft vendor for almost 5 years, Microsoft Teams has been a staple of my day job for some time. Now boasting 75 million daily active users, the free collaboration and productivity software offers a host of features to empower you and your team to "achieve more".

I've come to absolutely love Teams, and thought it would be helpful to share a quick guide for getting started using it in 3 easy steps.

1. Downloading and installing.

Head to the Teams homepage. Since Teams is included in an Office 365 subscription, or as a free, standalone product. If you already have a subscription, click Sign in. Otherwise click Sign up for free. [NOTE: Teams Free is not intended for official public sector, government, or educational use.]
Enter your email address to sign up.
Make sure and choose "For work" (the other options will lead you to Skype.)
Click "Download the app"
Save the install package onto your computer.
Open the package to run the installer. (Experience will be slightly different on Windows).
Wait for the successful install message and hit close.
Open Teams (check your applications folder)
Sign in with your email and password...
Welcoem to Teams! Note I have the dark theme enabled. You can change yours by clicking the icon in the top right, going to settings and general.)

2. Create your first team.

Clicks the Teams Icons on the left panel, then click "Join or Crate a taem", then hit Create team in the middle.
Select Build a team from scratch.
I would start with Private for full control.
Give your team a name.
It's created! To add channels, which are like "sub-topics" within your team, hit Create more channels.
Give your new channel a name.
There you have it!

3. Adding your colleagues.

I'd say the easiest way to add you colleagues will be to click on "Invite people" towards the bottom, and send out a mass email using the link you can copy. Once you have your colleagues added, you're free to make calls, schedule meetings, and take advantage of the host of other features offered by teams.

Further Resources: Microsoft Teams Documentation


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