2021 - We're Back!

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Kara Tokita
October 3, 2021

ast night I drove down Main Street in my city of Bellevue and couldn’t believe all the people out and about - dining at restaurants, congregating outside of bars & lines waiting to get into popular nightclubs. It looked just how it did pre-COVID. Are we slowly getting back to normal or is it that time of year where folks are getting ready for the holidays? Regardless, it’s nice to see people enjoying themselves & socializing!

I’m happy to say that TokitaBethune is back to running events and we’re currently working our Seahawks activation with title sponsor, American Family Insurance. These events are so energizing and it’s great to be able to interact with the fans in such a positive way. We’ve waited a long time to be able to manage these events again and it’s definitely been worth the wait! Go Seahawks!
Some other great news is that our City of Seattle has been awarded and will be hosting the 2023 All Star Game. Being a Board Member of the Seattle Sports Commission, I am proud to be part of such an exceptional organization that supports our local teams and is striving and building to make Seattle a World Class Sports Market. I look forward to bringing many more exciting events to our city!
We're slowly starting to hear from our clients and discussing future events, so we're excited and hopeful live events are back for good!
May you all continue to stay healthy & safe!


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